Below is a rogue-like adventure game currently being developed by Capybara Games and is scheduled to release in 2018. It was originally announced at E3 2013 at the Microsoft press event. It features rigorous combat and permanent death. It also has beautiful aesthetics and music. While there are areas of the game where multiplayer becomes a near necessity, it is in fact primarily a single player game. The character is smaller than what players would see in most games and the camera uses a dramatic tilt-shift photography effect.

The game is about exploration and survivial and if players survive long enough, it is also about discovery. All of the environments are randomly generated so if a player dies their experiance will be somewhat different but items players have gained persist and can be retrieve from wherever they died. Players will be able to craft tools and cook food to help them survive the depths.  Players start on an island but will continue into areas that are deep and dark underground and will find dungeons to explore.